Galle Kisal Clinic 10 years!

Last month we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the clinic Galle Kisal (House of Peace) in Northern Senegal. It has been a difficult year for the staff as they continued the vision following the death of the founder Dr. Ousmane Soh. At many times he is still sorely missed by colleagues and patients. The clinic staff, some family members, and some people from the nearby church had come to celebrate the anniversary with a rural picnic and sports activities. The rainy season has transformed the landscape into a green oasis.

Psalm 126 also speaks of an oasis and it was an important verse to Dr. Soh. It reminded us of what we see that the Lord God has already done, and it reinforces our commitment to serving the population through good and holistic care.

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If you want to give a birthday present to the clinic, this is possible by donating to the Christian and Missionary Alliance with the reference “Equipping Medical Mission

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