Why are we here?

Acts of charity and showing God’s love can be done everywhere. We have the simple desire to do it in a place where the urgency is so much deeper. Senegal (West Africa) is a nation where medical care is hard to find and there is a great lack of Medical Doctors. (1 doctor per 16.000, 1 per 250 in The Netherlands). Less than 5% of the percent of the population is Christian. With the help of CAMA Zending we learned that Senegal is a place where our qualities will match the local needs and possibilities. We have the deep conviction that we as a family can share our lives there and serve the people of Senegal. Jan as pastor and Tabitha as doctor. Through this website we like to give you the opportunity to partake and stand with us, and for you to grow in your understanding of the country.

What is Mission?
When Christians dedicate themselves to serving people, they can’t help speaking about their motives. It is like someone finding a pearl; he likes to share the beauty of it with others. Respect is essential here. There are terrible examples of Christians ‘telling’ others about Jesus; just think about the Crusades or the Inquisition. But thankfully there are more inspiring examples like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Theresa. You’ll understand that we want to follow the example of the latter.

In the use of the word “Mission” all sorts of sensations and thoughts are involved. These can be either positive, negative or even both! This is actually not surprising as “Mission” is a broad concept that has been used for centuries. For Tabitha and me it is important that we will give a positive form to “Mission” in our own special ways.

De most used Dutch dictionary (Van Dale) gives two interpretations for mission:
1. the activities of missionaries amongst non-Christians.
2. mission, assignment that has to be accomplished elsewhere.

1. What are those activities?
From our personal experience of God’s Love we are compelled to devote our lives in support of other people – especially those who have not had this same experience. In the daily difficulties of life caused by illnesses, sadness, poverty and other questions of life we desire to make a difference. We envision doing this by praying together, bringing comfort to those in need and with practical assistance in their situations. Such an endeavour commands commitment and dedication. This also asks for good medical care and passing on of proper education.

2. What is a mission?
Each person has a mission in his or her life – that which drives you, your personal passion. Something that is sometimes hard to explain. God has opened our eyes for the beauty and possibilities of the people of Senegal.

We do find it hard to leave behind so many people we love. However we have this deep inner conviction that this is the place where God wants us to serve Him. Serving God is possible everywhere and that place is equally meaningful and valuable.

Familie Kieviet in Senegal