What do we do?

Since May 2012 we live in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. We are part of the international team of the CMA, the organization that facilitates our sending out. The CMA has been active in Senegal since 2006, and wants through her projects, give a qualitative contribution to the Senegalese society and in doing so be reliable witnesses of Jesus. The focal point is transferring knowledge, an important aspect of modern development work. It prevents people from becoming dependent; it stimulates the local economy, and gives young people more opportunities. In the north of Senegal, farmers receive agricultural training in matters such as enrichment of the soil; in Saint Louis there is a school for Talibé children and for girls. In Dakar there is business training for local companies.

The work Tabitha does as Medical Doctor in the clinic Keru Yakaar (House of Hope) also. This Christian clinic is known throughout the city and provides good medical care at an affordable price. It is mainly the poorer part of the population that can’t afford the public hospitals that comes to Keru Yakaar to seek help. Besides seeing patients, Tabitha is responsible for the education of nurses. Currently she is in full preparation of a natal care unit. Every day (!) patients come to ask if this service can please be provided. Fortunately, several of the necessary stuff came along in the container, and this work fits perfectly with Tabitha’s specialization in Mother and Child Health Care.

Less clear-cut is the work Jan is doing. The first period in Dakar, he will be involved on short term projects only. Three key concepts determine what projects they are. First, Jesus is should be central; as he preaches regularly, for example in the ICF in Dakar. It is also important that the Senegalese people are actually served. Finally, it must be subservient to the CMA team; we do not want to act solo.

Besides the work, we are both still in language study. Our French is far from perfect, but we also need to learn the local language: Wolof. Language Study is a demanding task, but there is simultaneously a wonderful world opening up. Living in another country requires a learning attitude.

In July 2011, we were sent out by the ICF in Rotterdam for our work here. After six months of French language study in Paris, and three months in Gabon, we have found a home in Dakar. It is our desire to work for many years here in Senegal. We depend entirely on donations and prayers for our work. Look under support if you want to become a partner, please contact us if you want to join praying. Anyway, we like to hear from you!

Familie Kieviet in Senegal