Conference for doctors and nurses in 7 regions

Doctors and nurses in Senegal are, just like anywhere in the world, tired of the Corona crisis and the uncertainty and stress. How can you continually show compassion in the midst of this difficult time? “Compassion in Action” was the theme of the annual conference, which this time was held decentralized. In 7 regions of the country, small groups of colleagues gathered around a computer in a hospital or health post. A surgeon and international coordinator of the foundation was the inspiring speaker.

The annual conference of the UCMPS foundation is the highlight of the year for many Christians in health care in Senegal. It is a place of meeting and inspiration and often also continuous medical education. This year, given the circumstances, we opted for a shorter program in a decentralized setting. And that turned out to be a good move: there already is a prayer group for health workers in 7 geographical regions. Most groups were inactive since the Corona crisis. The conference gave the region coordinators an opportunity to reunite all their colleagues and revitalize the group.

Thanks to practicing the technicalities a number of times, we had the 7 groups on screen in time. It was the speaker from Congo who had problems with the connection. Due to a power outage, this doctor had to rush to church on his scooter, where he could still teach using the WiFi there. His inspiring stories (including how a man on his deathbed could forgive his relatives) and practical tips (compassion is using your senses!) impacted all participants. At the end of the teaching, each group took time for prayer and gathering, and they enthusiastically worked on a planning for 2021.















If you want to support the medical work in Senegal, please donate to the Christian and Missionary Alliance with the reference “Equipping Medical Mission”

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