Demba can walk again!

Demba, an 11-year-old boy is happy that he can walk again! A few months ago, he was very ill and thought his leg needed to be amputated. Now he walks into the clinic in Northern Senegal without crutches. After an operation in a hospital within our network, he was able to rehabilitate with us and his recovery has become a testimony in his village.

A few months ago, I got a call from Ali. He is a board member of the clinic in Northern Senegal and the only Christian in his village (one day trip from the clinic). “Doctor, there’s a boy here and you have to help him, or he won’t make it!” Demba had had an accident a year earlier and his complex broken leg had been operated on. Unfortunately, a wound infection had occurred, and the family had no money left for follow-up wound care. Moreover, there was no longer any confidence in the care they received in the hospital.

When Demba arrived in our hospital, he was very ill and had been in bed for a year and was constantly in a lot of pain. There was a massive infection on the now swollen and deformed leg. We arranged an operation in another Christian hospital and luckily the leg was spared. In the long process of wound care and rehabilitation, we were able to build a relationship of trust with Demba and his family and show something of the love of Jesus. And now he can walk again, and he is doing well!





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