Association for Christians in Healthcare has its papers!

Last month we celebrated a milestone for the medical mission in Senegal: the National Association for Christians in Care is now officially registered! This process took 2 years and was delayed by the corona virus and because the authorities had many questions about this initiative. The UCMPS vision is to equip Christians in healthcare across Senegal for holistic care. Fortunately, the activities were able to continue in the past year and more than 60 doctors and nurses were trained in acute care, holistic care, palliative care and sharing your faith at work. The acquired paperwork is critical to the new holistic nursing school, which will hopefully start in January.

The Foundation for Christians in Care in Senegal has launched an ambitious initiative: the start of a nursing training for holistic care. As CAMA workers, we are closely involved in the preparations. This education, based on a Christian worldview and values, can make a big difference in Senegal.

Sickness and health are not just a physical matter: as human beings we are a whole with body, soul, and spirit. This is well understood in Africa and when someone is ill, a religious leader is first approached, or healing powers are sought from traditional healers. Unfortunately, this view is rarely seen in the training of doctors and nurses in Senegal. The government has a good curriculum for healthcare personnel, but the training is very Western and focuses mainly on the physical side of illness. The psychological and spiritual need and the social context of the patient are essential, especially in good primary care.

There are about 25 evangelical clinics in Senegal that want to provide holistic care and make a difference. These centers often have a good reputation and standing with the Church, but many are struggling due to a lack of trained personnel. An inventory showed that there is need for at least 250 new workers in existing clinics. The new school will train state-approved nurses (actually nurse practitioners) and midwives. Would you like to contribute to nursing education or collaborate? Feel free to contact us!

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