Concert tour with Hanne de Vries, an impression

In 2019 the Yeesu Rekk vision was born: concerts that have only one goal: to make known and exalt the name of Jesus. The first concert was in Dakar, the desire arose to give a Yeesu Rekk concert in each of the 14 provinces of Senegal. After a forced corona break, a second concert followed in Mbour this spring. And last December concerts followed in Fatick and Ziguinchor together with Hanne de Vries and Love Revolution. 10 more provinces to go! We were also able to realize our tradition of prison concerts at Christmas, which we have been doing with Cissa for 8 years, this time together with Love Revolution. Love Revolution has made beautiful vlogs and Insta feeds about their journey. (in Dutch, but great images).

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