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Mango’s for sale at the clinic

The immense mango trees in the large garden around the clinic provide shadow and shelter to the many patients who gather. It is rainy season which means busy days for Seni, the head nurse of this small clinic in southern Senegal. Many children have respiratory infections, diarrhoea, malaria and malnutrition. The clinic is not accessible by car, so we walk 20 minutes from the paved road. Together with a colleague we’ve travelled all the way from Dakar to visit a number of Christian clinics. Such a visit is always an encouragement for these health professionals who are often alone. In addition, I do an evaluation of their programs. Trying to ignore the immense heat, we see patients together until the garden is empty again just before another group arrives. During my previous visit, I gave training on how to set up a malnutrition program, and Seni has put it into practice. Read more…

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85 children with scabies

“What’s your name?” I ask while gently smiling at the eight year old boy. He remains silent. After a little while he mentions the name of the quranic teacher where he lives. It has been two years since his parents sent him to this boarding school for him to study the Qur’an. It is a [&hellip[...]

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What is more dangerous: an owl or a scorpion?

A man cries out because of the pain, pulling his swollen leg as he enters the clinic. “What can you do against those nasty scorpions?” My colleague Patricia desperately asks me. She is a young doctor from Dakar who takes some vacation time to work in this mission clinic in the southern f[...]

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A small device that saves lives

In the conference room of the Dakar North regional hospital, about 20 doctors and paramedics meet for a training on emergency care. In an interactive lesson, our good friend and anesthesiologist Hans shares his knowledge and experience with the interested Senegalese colleagues. Two oximeters are don[...]

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Every one a leader!

Some church members peek around the corner out of curiosity to get an impression of the leadership training Jan is teaching with a colleague. The mostly well educated new believers have questions like “what’s the church”, “what dimension does Gods influence have in my life”, “and how doe[...]

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Bernard: Bigger stage, same focus

This year was the year of international recognition of Bernards music. After a warm welcome in Côte d’Ivoire in December, a concert in Gambia followed and a nomination for best gospel artist at the French Angels Music Awards. Bernard is currently preparing to come to Europe for a visit to the[...]

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News from Maria & Simon

The school year has just finished and Maria and Simon are looking forward to the long vacation. We are grateful for a great year for the children. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace share via Reddit Tumblr it Tweet about it Buzz [...]