Life lessons in the classroom

“In my community, respect for traditions is an important value: certain illnesses require sacrifices and spiritual rituals.” Although I (Tabitha) am the one in front of the class at this lesson on community health at the nursing school, I am learning at least as much myself. The students come from different ethnic groups in Senegal, each with their own values and customs. The choice to live a healthy lifestyle or visit a clinic are often not an individual but a collective decision, closely linked to traditions and beliefs.

The new school for nurses and midwives, born out of the UCMPS (foundation for Christians in healthcare), now has its second promotion of students. In addition to the state-defined curriculum, they are taught courses on Christian values and holistic care. Together we discover how deep the roots of healthy or unhealthy behavior can be and how we can heal not only an individual but an entire community.

We are inspired by the healing stories of Jesus and his approach to the sick and their environment. In the role plays, the spotlight is not on the sick person, but on the bystanders. This gives a new perspective on the Bible and on medical care!

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