From a teaching hospital to the countryside: the story of Dr. Brian*

We have a new doctor at the Galle Kisal clinic in northern Senegal! Dr. Brian is not just any doctor: he has a ton of experience and is training to be an infectiologist. Why did he trade a well-paid job in a teaching hospital for work as a rural doctor? He doesn’t have a clear answer, but a “chance” meeting with the hospital director at the church got him all excited.

Just back from an internship in France, where he was working on his graduate research, Dr. Brian meets hospital director Kane at the church. The vision for the work inspires him and moves him to contribute to medical work in Northern Senegal. A golden opportunity for Galle Kisal: dr. Brian is a hard worker, is loved by patients and staff, and expands the range of care for more complex patients, minor surgery, and sometimes deliveries. He also helps in training staff and reorganizing the departments. Together we build good quality care, in a structure that endures. At the same time, in the board of the hospital, we think about how to continue to share our faith and create a place for a growing community of believers and seekers.

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