When the rain comes…

“My wife and children could not sleep in a dry place” says Boubacar, one of the clinic’s guards. He lives in Grand Yoff, an area that was seriously flooded after the heavy rains last week. Because the clinic is slightly elevated, he was able to bring his family over to spend the night there in safety. People wading through the streets with water up to their waists. It smells terrible, as sewage has mixed with the rainwater. This dirty, still water is a breeding ground for larvae, eggs and worms. I advise Boubacar and his family to wear closed shoes as long as there are puddles. Fortunately, I can give him a small financial contribution through a special gift from the Netherlands. “God helps us in the little things” says Boubacar.

Such a conversation with Boubacar puts our own inconvenience of the flood in a different perspective. Because of the heavy rains, my father woke up in the middle of the night. He saw the water raising higher and higher in the courtyard. It was clear that the drain could not handle the deluge, and it seemed that it would enter the house as well. As a precaution he thus took the carpet and all the other stuff off the floor. The next morning showed that this had not been for nothing. The whole ground floor was covered with puddles and a stinking muck… Fortunately the damage was limited, and after six hours of scrubbing the house was clean again!

Despite that it feels unfair, we are also grateful that we have a house located in a better situated neighborhood. If we had indeed found a house next to the clinic – the original idea – we would have water up to our mailbox as well. Now we are not swallowed up by our own problems, and we have time and energy left to support the people who are struggling.

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    I think your last sentence is exactly right. Sometimes I feel guilty for my grumbling (and I should!), but should remember to be thankful and use the blessings God has given us to bless others.

    Great post, as always.

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