A goat at the neighbors

“Boo” says Simon (1 year) as he points out the window. We are at the neighbors across the street, introducing ourselves as the new neighbors. Indeed, there’s a large black and white goat – with goatee and all – in the garden, who bleats loudly. “Why do you have a goat in the garden?” I ask somewhat naive. It turns out she holds a family celebration that Saturday, and this goat is on the menu. I can’t help staring at her for a second. This cuddly animal could have just as well been at a petting zoo. That Saturday we no longer hear a “boo” in the street, and in the evening I visit a typical Senegalese family party and as sign of their appreciation, the biggest piece of soft goat meat is pushed towards me…


Recipe: Ceebu yapp (rice and meat)

Fry (goat) meat in oil with some onions and garlic,

Add a small can of tomato paste, a beef cube and 6 cups (1.5 liters) of water

Simmer for 20 min

Add 200 g. rice per person, and cook for 20 minutes, stirring regularly! (If you prefer, you can take the meat out before adding the rice)

Optionally add vegetables last 10 minutes (not really necessary according to Jan)

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