The Netherlands in 2016: What’s New!?

20160528_111609It has been two years since we’ve spend a prolonged time in the Netherlands. It is remarkable to see how fast our country changes! What struck us the most? Swaying cars, stranges bikes and technological development.




  1. when driving on the highway it happens regularly that you see a car suddenly g speed or swaying on the emergency lane. Don’t panic!! These people aren’t drunk nor suffering from a seizure. They are just writing a Viber or WhatsApp message…


  1. The bikes with flowery front carriers have completely disappeared. No worries, the Dutch always have a bike surprise ready…. E-bikes now overtake you with incredible speed! (thankfully only on the left hand side)


  1. Talking about bikes, the popularity of mountain-biking has added a new dimension to our walks in the forest. We have taught Maria and Simon to carefully look left and right before crossing a small forest path.


  1. Back in the days people used to watch the eight o’clock news at eight o’clock… Not so today! You just watch it at around ten on interactive television…


  1. Crisis or no-crisis, it is common sense that you rob yourself when not using discount vouchers when going to an attraction.


  1. Freek Vonk isn’t just a Dutch biologist with a very cool tv-show. He is also the author of an extremely cool sticker book (which has been completed in just a few weeks by Maria’s dedicated collecting and exchanging) including an app that makes Dino’s walk right through your living room!


  1. The fact that online shopping is the new standard we knew already. But for the first time we have seen the effects with our own eyes. Empty department stores, close down sales all over, and when you ask a friend where she bought those nice shoes she’ll refer you to a website!


  1. Every activity comes to its own when you do it using an app. Running app, knitting app, metronome app, doctor app… apps are serious business!


9. when living in Rotterdam we could only separate our glass and paper from the rest of the waste. Even vegetable waste was not yet introduced. The past months we have been introduced to a completely new (and mostly completely illogical for a simple human being) system of separating waste. But we are very happy to contribute our bit to a better environment!

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