Getting used to your home country…

deze in de nieuwsbrief“Bye Simon!”, “see you tomorrow Simon!, “hi there Simon!” my heart leaps as I hear how Simon is waved goodbye by his classmates after his first week at school. One of the most foundational conditions to work effectively abroad is that your kids do well. The children are very much at home in Senegal, but living in a different place for three months is exiting (even when it’s at your grandparents’). We are thankful for how they have been welcomed and how much they enjoyed school these two months.

Biking to school was a bit scary for all of us the first weeks. Even though it is straight ahead on the same road, we are not used to this. Also walking on the sidewalk without holding hands and playing on the small playground are hard for us to get used to. The “safe” Netherlands still feel a bit uncomfortable. But the children do great, the respect the rules and enjoy the freedom the have out on the streets!

As the children grow up we value giving them a good impression of their motherland. Outings to Madurodam, the Open Air Museum and the Castle of Muiden were great cultural experiences just as well as fun days with friends and family. Maria and Simon had another new cultural experiences as they took their first flute lessons at the ´Culture Factory`.

Simons greatest experience in The Netherlands was Speeltuin de Pol, but he didn’t like the absence of good climbing trees (like mango trees). Maria must have read half of the library’s books, but she did miss her friends!

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