Making History

December 1, 2018 was a historic day in Senegal. After a 5-hour general members meeting during the annual conference for Christian health workers, a vote was taken for the establishment of a foundation for Christians in care. The outcome? The statutes were adopted unanimously and a board was elected! Although it was not covered in the newspapers, this foundation can have a major impact in the country. Not only by bringing Christians together for mutual encouragement and prayer, but also by providing a framework for and awareness to existing mission clinics and other medical projects in the country. The foundation will be offering structural in-service training and in the long term they can be a voice towards politicians and policymakers in particular about (Christian) ethics in health care. It is a privilege to be involved in this process as an initiator and catalyst.

Most countries in the world already have such a foundation. The one in Senegal, called UCMPS, is connected to the West African network.
What started small with a number of dedicated prayers is now a nationally supported initiative with local leadership. The action plan for the first year consists in particular of the Saline training that will be offered in various regions, of strengthening the regional prayer groups and of further disseminating the vision. The synergy that we see in the collaboration shows that a large group of health workers is ready to grow in their witness as they express the love of Jesus through their work.

Photo’s: Ewien van Bergeijk-Kwant


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