Summer holiday!

10 things Maria enjoyed most last school year:

  • Chatting with her Best Friend in class (until they were separated)
  • Having an unannounced test (no time to be nervous)
  • Collecting all kind of random waste at the school playground

  • Giving these to the craft teacher, who makes beautiful art out of them
  • Hoist the Dutch flag on “The Netherlands Country Day” at school
  • Trading your fruit for cookies with your classmates during lunch break
  • When the teacher treats candy to those who did well on their tests
  • Field trips (to the ocean, and the farm)
  • Even more fun: celebrating your birthday on a field trip and a treat with the cows
  • Birthday parties!!
  • All her best friends staying in the same class for next school year!

10 things Simon enjoyed most last school year:

  • Playing hide and seek with the teacher
  • Playing on the school play ground
  • Playing quietly instead of afternoon naps
  • Climbing chairs instead of listening to the teacher
  • Coloring country flags, especially the Japanese: a big red ball!
  • Singing songs, either in Dutch, French or English
  • Playing Spiderman after school
  • Dressing in white and blue every day since blue is Simon’s color (though red would have even been better)
  • Dutch language classes, and even gaining a diploma!
  • Sport with mister Giraffe! (ehmm, I mean mister Gerard, but he surely is tall)
  • Holiday!!

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