Senegal – The Renaissance of Africa

In the spring of 2010 a large statue was unveiled at the coast of Dakar. This statue shows in a nice way some characteristics of the Senegalese culture. The statue is called “The Renaissance of Africa”. It represents an African family ascending from the earth towards the future.

De Renaissance van AfrikaThe ascending from the earth symbolizes the power of Africa. Africa is rich in resources, rich in culture, rich in possibilities. The picture radiates strength, because Africa has much to offer. After centuries of slavery and exploitation the statue represents that “Africa still stands, and is not broken,” said President Wade.

De Renaissance van AfrikaThe future is a common cause. Where the many youth of Senegal have a task to fulfil. In this unity there is room for diversity, different tribes and religious freedom. It symbolizes family unity and continuity. But it is also part of the image that evokes the most controversy. In particular, the woman being scantily dressed is not much appreciated by the Muslim population…

De Renaissance van AfrikaThey look into the future. For as the name suggests, the statue symbolizes the rebirth of Africa. The tragic past is closed. And in own strength, without the help of the countries that have previously exploited, it shall enter into the future. And that future is hopeful, the fact that the image is three meters higher than the Statue of Liberty symbolizes the expectation that Senegal will be more

successful than France and America.

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