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I can vividly remember the story of Ndeye Fatou. Working with children with malnutrition has long been my passion. In particular infants who are already dealing with weight loss or nutritional problems caught my attention because they are extremely vulnerable and there is little scientific knowledge about their situation. It is therefore an honor that my article about my research on this subject has now been published in BMC Health systems.

A crowded, noisy room, packed with mothers and babies, a new type of medical file that is often not completely filled-out, nursing staff that are still in training for the treatment of malnutrition, and babies who keeping moving as they lie on the scales. It is in this context that I try to collect scientific data.

During the malnutrition program of our clinic and a Catholic clinic I performed a qualitative research into aspects of the treatment. Nutritional problems in children have many causes in Senegal and malnutrition is already occurring in young infants. Anemia during pregnancy, premature birth or breastfeeding difficulties (which often also have social and cultural aspects) are a number of causes in this age group. Little is known about the treatment of malnutrition in very young children. The results of this study can contribute to the improvement of the approach to malnutrition in a broader context and is published by BMC Health Systems, see this link:


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