Protection and Proclamation

“…. But then I heard Mamadou call me to look for his bag, and then I knew he was still alive!” It is the rather funny ending of a dramatic experience. Two of the evangelists, that had travelled some hundred miles from up country were in a serious bus accident. The bus had to deviate at high speed to prevent upcoming traffic and tipped over and rolled over several times. Almost all passengers where injured. The man sitting next to Mamadou was brought to the hospital by the firefighters with a large head wound. But Mamadou and Ameth crawled out the bus without a scratch and were able to help the other passengers.

The experience was a great encouragement for these two men, and a powerful testimony for their neigbors and family. Mamadou and Ameth are leading a small Christian community in their village where all other people follow traditional religion mixed with Islam. They were probably the only ones on the bus not wearing protective amulets!

When I returned to Dakar after summer, pastor Pape had been eagerly waiting for my return. He had a plan ready, and three days later I was teaching already! During my absence the work had continued, and there is now a great need for teaching and training for evangelists and church planters. A part of the group comes from the village, the rest is urban. Every month we meet a weekend for training.

Our situation reminded me of the church in Ephesus. From this large city the church in Collose was (probably) planted. When Epaphras, one of the leaders, needed training he returned to the big city (probably Rome on this occasion) to meet with Paul. The big city has always had a strategic position in mission, and that’s what we see in Dakar today.

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