Thursday in March

This Thursday in March was different than all other days so far. At 9 o’clock in the morning, an hour after the Morning Meeting, Jeanette, a surgical nurse, died. She was admitted the night before after a sudden severe stroke. Almost no one was working that morning, and a large group of colleagues was gathered with the family around her bed. When Jeanette died everyone started screaming and crying loudly; people walked back and forth through the small room. The lamentations were heard from afar.

An emotional colleague explained that Jeanette had been a dedicated and appreciated colleague  for many years. Although she had no children, she supported a large part of her family (sisters, nieces and nephews) with her salary. She was just 48 years old and she had a mild stroke leaving a little paralysis of her mouth a couple of months before. In one way or another, this event had changed her, said the colleague. She shone more and she told everyone who would listen that it was Jesus who had given her joy and salvation. Now she’s gone and she will be terribly missed. But her family has seen the change in her life. Her colleagues are encouraged by the enthusiasm she showed these last months. And many patients have seen the love of Jesus in her.

That same afternoon, a short prayer meeting was held, led by the medical director. There was crying, but there were also words of hope. A hope of that goes beyond curing diseases. “Let us continue the words of Jeanette: life with Jesus brings peace. Peace with God and with people.” The patients witnessing the whole spectacle that day were touched by the sadness among the staff and by how they sought comfort amongst each other. A song was sounding and it’s words carried far beyond the open hospital windows: “Oui Dieu est bon Dieu est bon pour nous”.

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