Ordinary Special

“Last week’s  show caused serious political upheaval between Senegal and Mauritania. The president even had to pronounce himself in order to solve it! “Bernard and I sit in the waiting room of a large Senegalese television station, preparing for the filming of the country’s largest talk show. Comparable in popularity with Saturday Night Life but no soundbites here; only endless monologues. It almost feels ‘normal’ now to sit here, but it certainly is not. Especially when we realize the impact this broadcast can have!

The new video “Sacrifice” is not only a great hit on Facebook (shared almost 300x, with 60,000 views and hundreds of comments) and YouTube (9,000 views in two months), but it also re-opens doors on national television. Bernard was a guest at the number one morning program: Kenkéliba which translates as ‘traditional Senegalese tea “. He was also main guest in the largest Catholic television program “Aux Sources de la Vie” on Sunday afternoon. And now we’re here at this talk show “Le Grand Rendez-Vous”.

A few days later, we see a link from the most popular Senegalese news website on social media. A debate flared up about Senegalese music. Fortunately no political challenges this time, but a critical conversation about the creativity of Senegalese artists. And for the first time the Senegalese Gospel music in included. There is a need for Senegalese music to change according to the host, a change we encourage wholeheartedly!


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