Never imagined… encounters in the music industry

Jamais jamaisJamais, jamais jamais sans Jésus” (never never never without Jesus) is the song we sang three years ago when our trip to Senegal began. This swinging song of – to us unknown singer –  was continuously playing as we prepared for our departure to Senegal. Now we return to Senegal singing “jamais jamais jamais, still on a way to a better day” of the band Trinity. A song inspired by Bernard’s song, after they met in Senegal. A song became an encounter, became an inspiration, became a network. A network that is constantly expanding. Because the music is appreciated, and the message is touching hearts.

29_cissahandshakesmallAs Bernard’s manager and coach, Jan has had many inspiring encounters in the Netherlands. Musicians, publishers, theologians, conductors, and so on. Swinging, singing and being inspired 🙂 It is always good to have a learner’s attitude, but this counts the more when you’re new in the field (or, as we say in Dutch: “When you haven’t eaten to much cheese of something…”). Still, it has been an encouraging experience. Together we stand strong. Even though  I’m not very talented in music, with the right advisers we can go a long way!

In the meantime, Bernard has not been sleeping either. He has been networking in the US, and developed some promising contacts. Concrete result: a new music video! This video has again opened doors to national television. Not only is the video frequently covered, Bernard has received several invitations for television interviews as well. These are opportunities he uses to speak from his heart, open and wise, about his deepest motivations. Never imagined that the Good News would someday be shared on Senegalese national television!

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