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Over time we have already created five music videos with Bernard! They have not all been published on our website, so you’ve might have missed some, hence this recap. Enjoy!

Harmoniser, is the video that started it all, the national breakthrough for Bernard. Still a regular show on Senegalese television, and honestly, this could just be the new summer hit for 2015 don’t you think?

In the end of 2014 we shot a short promo video on the streets of Dakar, which naturally led to a group of young guys watching what we were doing. When we showed them the video Doom ju Reer they could all sing along! In my view the video that has had the most impact!

The experts of the album “Près du Cœur” will immediately notice that the video of L’Amour Vivant only resembles the original in terms of text. The uptempo beats are replaced by the strings of the traditional Kora. Certainly a great addition this remix!

Hosanna is the first video from the new album Jakaarlo and was selected by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) to be shown around the world in their Christmas message.

Written and recorded in the USA, Bernard again shows his musical versatility in Soins du Cœur. When we brought this clip to one of the television stations in Dakar, they broadcasted it live on national television within 10 minutes!

For the videos with English subtitles:

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