Concert in the Senegalese jungle

It was an amazing celebration in the green south of Senegal, Ziguinchor. Traditional music played on instruments like the Kora with new lyrics written by young Christian artists. Bernard’s idea to give a podium to young Christian talents is an overwhelming success. He shares with enthusiasm: “it was unbelievable, so many different musicians all with their own language and style. It was beautiful to see the different cultures of Senegal perform together, with their unique sounds all for the glory of God. And the room was packed!”

DSCN2589Last year we – almost impulsively – organized a small concert in the same city. While rain poured down the room was packed as well. Ziguinchor is the regional capital, but despite for a few nightclubs there is not much to do for the youth. August 15 is a national holiday and the perfect occasion to travel to the south. And the concert gives an important alternative for the nightclubs!

With limited resources Bernard is capable of organizing a great party. De biggest church opens their doors, another church has us use their sound equipment. For many of the bands this is their first performance, let alone with a lightshow. The concert continues to deep at night. A great encouragement and boost for Christian musicians in the south of Senegal!

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