We are being sent out by CAMA Missions. This is a Dutch organization, which is connected to the American Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA). We have chosen for this organization because we agree with their vision, theology and methods of working. As our vision is to go for long-term, we think it is important to be part of an organization that will support us in good and bad times. We have been selected by CAMA after a very long and intensive process. After that CAMA linked us to the team in Senegal, seeing that our work-experience and personalities will fit well there. Furthermore CAMA will take the responsibility for the preparation process and financial stability (also when gifts are diminishing). They will guarantee our safety and provide us and our children with pastoral and psychological support. All in all CAMA will lay a strong foundation for our mission.

Joel & Elin CMA Teamleaders

CAMA is viewed as an organization that generally benefits society, therefore gifts for our work are tax-deductible. CAMA publishes a free information leaflet ‘Pionier’. You can sign up by sending an e-mail to

In Senegal we will work as part of the international team of CAMA. The CMA has only been active in Senegal in recent years and the projects are still in the beginning stages. There is a care facility for Talibé children in Saint Louis, a knowledge exchange project between universities of America and Senegal, a water-pump project and a project for knee prostheses.

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