Yeesu Rekk Concert

“You’re Bernard, the singer, aren’t you?” the employee of the gas station asks, and she continues: “Yeesu Rekk!” (only Jesus), “thank you for what you do for our country.” It is an example of the many conversations that have started since we started the “Yeesu Rekk” campaign. The statement “only Jesus” is meant to be a greeting between the Christians in Senegal, and as a testimony to the rest of the people. In 2019, the social pressure on Christians to conform strongly increased. In this increasingly hostile environment, Bernard realizes that he also has a growing risk of negative reactions.

Instead of hiding, Bernard feels compelled to step forward. We developed the new concept “Yeesu Rekk”. In November and December 2019, a lively discussion started with almost all major media and TV stations, newspapers and the internet about “Yeesu Rekk” and the position of Christians in society. As an artist, Bernard has an influence that no Christian has. From autumn 2020, a tour with the message “Yeesu Rekk” (Jesus only) is planned for each region of Senegal. Your prayer and support in this is indispensable!

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