What’s new?? The Netherlands after 3 years.

SAMSUNGIn the past three years, a lot has changed in The Netherlands. A selection from the series surprises of a Dutch African:

  • Everyone seems to have bought a new bike in the past two years; including a front carrier…  Your style is now defined by your flower basket, crate of beer or wooden box…
  • Driving has improved as well: 130 km/h maximum speed limit! But mind the restrictions… It took Jan two weeks to figure out the new traffic signs..
  • Fashion: Skinny jeans, for all ages, whether they suit you or not…
  • After sourdough bread, spelt bread is now the healthiest choice.
  • Apparently, many children are too fat: fruit is the mandatory school snack.
  • “Candy Tomatoes” (used to be ordinary cherry tomatoes) are now found in every fridge.
  • It’s crisis, and believe it or not: everyone is happy with his job (to have one at least…).
  • All grandmas are babysitting: Childcare very 2010…
  • Anyone a smart phone! No What’s App; not contact…
  • Internet in the train! Each compartment has now become a silent one 😉
  • A tablet is already commonplace: you’ll find them in the “grab along” section at the grocery store
  • New hospitals are so spacious: you walk miles to get to the right department
  • “Did you bring the reference code?” No more house doctor referral letters; this is digital age.

Netherlands after 3 years, what’s old?

SAMSUNGSome things didn’t change; we appreciate them even more than before:

  • Cycling with a child on the steering wheel seat, ánd on the back seat.
  • Cycling in the pouring rain!
  • Going outside when the sunshine (even if it’s only 16 degrees).
  • Long summer nights (instead of darkness every night at 7 pm).
  • The early morning ritual to open the window; smell the fresh air and feel what the weather will be for today.
  • Offbeat humor in your own language 🙂
  • Sharing all your mistakes openly and laugh about them
  • Cheese Sandwich.
  • Not having to think about how to greet someone.
  • When you ask how someone’s doing, you’ll get the honest answer ..
  • Flowers!
  • Driving: feeling of freedom (despite the speed limits).
  • Navigation; although the taxi men in Dakar can’t be defeated.
  • Nature!!! The amazing green scenery! Forests, lakes, heathland; even the clouds!

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  1. eva van woerkom #

    heeey tof om te lezen dat jullie genieten in Nederland! nog iets wat is veranderd.. de super powerclub bestaat niet meer helaas..

    groetjes Eva

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