Sinterklaas in Senegal

SAMSUNGWho would think that Sinterklaas (St. Nicolas) – since he sails north from Spain – would pay a visit to Senegal (about the same distance but to the south) as well? When we suddenly received four chocolate letters in an anonymous envelope, we started get our hopes up… Will the good Sinterklaas come over anyway? And lo and behold!

016As all Dutch children were gathered at the residence of the ambassador, the elegant Sinterklaas came riding on a rather moldy looking horse. Fifty children sang loudly for Sinterklaas and the Black, Green and Orange Piet. Sinterklaas then spoke – very impressive – to the children in Dutch, French and English. At the end of the ceremony Maria whispered softly into Tabitha’s ear that she knew who it was that Sinterklaas was.

SAMSUNGSinterklaas also paid a visit to the Kieviet home. That is to say that he left a pretty full bag of gifts. Due to the banging on the door Maria no linger dared going to to the toilet alone, but that did not spoil the fun. Strangely shapes chocolate that had been letter in better times, pepernoten, and of course just the gifts we were hoping for.

SAMSUNGIt’s a bit different then sitting close to the stove with a cup of hot chocolate, but we still have the impression that the kids really appreciate this Dutch tradition 🙂 Thank you Sinterklaasje!SAMSUNG019SAMSUNG

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Familie Kieviet in Senegal