News from Maria & Simon

The school year has just finished and Maria and Simon are looking forward to the long vacation. We are grateful for a great year for the children.

Maria has to say goodbye to some good friends who go to other parts of the world. Fortunately, still many of her friends remain and friendships become serious now with clubs, secret codes and sleepovers. Since her birthday, two cute bunnies are walking through the garden (OK the plants are not that enthusiastic…). Maria loves reading, preferably in Dutch, then English, then French. She has been elected as a class representative, which sometimes gives important tasks. Throughout the year she has followed a theatre class at an after school club and the performance was exciting!


Simon makes everybody laugh at school, and still manages to learn nicely. He can now read and write Dutch at the level of 3rd grade; we are proud! At his birthday party we went to the reptilarium where they put crocodile on his head! He loves to play with Maria and with classmates he prefers to wrestle. A nose bleeding or bruise are a part of life. Simon is happy to cook and can make coffee and bake an egg. He likes playing games and always beats his mom in Stratego.

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