“Maranatha”, an exclamation of hope that has been expressed since the early church. It reflects a deep-rooted desire for justice in situations of suffering and injustice. The daily confrontation with injustice makes that many people recognize this desire. It is not just by its title that the new album by Bernard Cissa connects people. Various artists that we have come to know at the FIAC are participating on the album. And there is the first connection with Catholic organizations, they are going to sell the album and give it some huge airplay on the radio.

“Bonjour Cissa” someone calls when we walk down the street towards the Catholic radio. Once in the building everyone addresses him as if they have known each other for years. When I inquire about I learn that this is not the case at all. The music has arrived before us, and so more and more people know Bernard. This is shown once again during a live radio broadcast. So many listeners call to the radio station that Bernard can hardly answer the journalist’s questions!

The album Maranatha brings forth a whole new musical spectrum. It is more focused on the international market than specifically on Senegal and will therefore be easier for many people to listen to. The album will be available soon on Spotify and Deezer, and can already be ordered for 10 € or 12.50 $ (excl. shipping) via jan [at]

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