Living in the jungle!

What do you imagine when one says ‘jungle’? Eating papaya, coconut and banana’s freshly from the three? Yes! Cockroaches in the bedroom? Unfortunately yes… Jungle sounds? Deafening! Monkeys? Not yet seen them. Snakes? Haven’t seen them either (but did see patients with snake bites…) Rain? Every day a shower!

One would think that life in the rainforest is an existence which is lacking modern technology. For us, as guests of the Bongolo Hospital, this does apply. The only thing we could grumble about is the slow internet connection, but the fact that we even have internet makes us all very grateful!

The house we live in is an old school building. It is normally used when so-called ‘envision teams’ visit the hospital. These groups of people come over for a week to learn from what’s going on and to catch the vision. For us, it means that we have a large dining and living room at our disposal. Ideal for Maria to have a nice play and run! Simon can enjoy playing on the carpet. He can sit independently and is has started to crawl.

The children sleep in what is normally a study. Their room adjacent to ours, so we can keep them properly monitored. Fans are hanging on all ceilings which provide the necessary refreshing breeze.

In the kitchen we have a gas stove, oven and even a microwave! We can not drink the water from the tap, but through a filter we have one crane with drinking water. The first week we were invited almost every night to eat at somebody of the team, but now we have started to cook for ourselves. That will ask some creativity, as there is little variation in the food that’s for sale in the village. Tabitha will share her most successful recipes with you on this site!

By day it is hot and stuffy, so we don’t go outside too often. Jan tries to have at least an outing with the children once a day. It is a 5 minute walk downhill to the hospital, uphill takes about twice the time, it’s very steep! The people are very friendly so it’s always fun to walk around. Another 5 minutes further down is a residential area where there are a few shops. Appealing for us this district is called “Petit Dakar”! The real village (Lebamba) is fifteen minutes by car.

We keep you posted !

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  1. Dabney Yerima #

    I thank God for sending your family for such a mission. He is using you to bless the people outthere and allowing you to experience life in another perspective. In the same way, equipping you for bigger challenges. Stay blessed. My regards to all.

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