Joy to the pediatric ward

Jessica has a sweet grandmother and a monkey. Her mother died from AIDS. She is 6 months, and has been infected with HIV and tuberculosis, a combination that we unfortunately see often. Her grandmother carries her in: malnourished and cramped- she weighs only 3 pounds. We’re glad she came, otherwise she would probably not have survived the night. Thanks to the medicines her appetite restores and she starts eating porridge like a construction worker! A week later her big black eyes are shining bright again!

Dryd is a three year old with a sad look on his face. He was brought in malnourished and with severe tuberculosis. Malnutrition can make the typical liveliness of children completely disappear. Dryd has recovered well these past few weeks, but still sits there quietly… just staring. It’s been the this way for weeks: a sad Dryd. Until one morning I hear: “Doctor, doctor, can I please have a toy car? I’d really like to play!” I can not believe that this is the same Dryd pulling my white coat. My heart leaps inside me: Dryd is a healthy toddler again.

Sentiche is 11, she suddenly fainted at school. In a deep coma, she is brought to the hospital. Would it be malaria in the brains? Or a virus? We treat everything we can, but without extensive lab, we can never be sure. The longer she is unconscious, the more we fear for brain damage. After 3 days she wakes up, without complaints! A day later she has a very already filled all pages of her coloring book!

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