Homemade yogurt!

As a genuine Dutch lady, I love dairy products. I can’t stand one day without yoghurt! Unfortunately yoghurt is scarce and very expensive here. So I make it my self, and it is even very simple! All you need is a lot of powder milk, and plenty of sun and time. Those things are plentiful here!

Here the step by step description:

Take 1 cup of yogurt with Bifidus culture

Heat up 6 cups of water (or 9 cups of milk) in a saucepan until you can just hold your hand in.

Mix these in a bowl with 3 cups of milk (or 9 cups of hot milk) and yogurt, then stir left or right ways.

Place in the full sun (35 ° C) for 6 hours. If you live in a country where the sun is not out for 6 hours in a row very often, then a good alternative would be to put it in the oven with a pilot flame …

One night in the fridge …. Hmmm yummy!

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