Every one a leader!

Some church members peek around the corner out of curiosity to get an impression of the leadership training Jan is teaching with a colleague. The mostly well educated new believers have questions like “what’s the church”, “what dimension does Gods influence have in my life”, “and how does my faith affect the people around me.” The group soon grows to about fifteen. In an open discussion around the Bible we have been journeying together for four months now. A journey that is bearing fruit.

A young lady is already sharing the lessons with her family members. Two men have started a group to do the study with a friend. The women share it at their meetings. “Training leaders to train leaders” is our motto. We pray for a movement of people following Jesus and helping others in their first steps following Christ.

The heart wants what it wants… when I stepped down from the leadership team at the International Church in Dakar at the end of 2016, the idea was to have more time for the other projects I’m involved in. But within a month I had already promised to pastor Pape to train leaders on Saturday afternoons… It remains my greatest passion!

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