European Tour!

The first concert of Bernard in the Netherlands was well placed: in the most multicultural (and most beautiful) city of our country. The perfect organization of Jolien and her team, and the warm and fluent French by Corine, made Bernard felt right at home.

There was not much time to rest. The next day Bernard played a few songs in the service of the ICF, followed by a short drive to Gouda where the C&MA church had prepared a concert. Particularly for Bernard it was nice to visit the town he only knew from the cheese. A huge thank you to Irene and her people. Photography Lucas A. Nijenhuis Gouda.

Fortunately we now had a few days to recover (and for some jamming with Trinity). With whom Bernard played at a TEAR event in Houten the following Thursday.

This was the start of a busy weekend. Friday night (in what we consider comfortable temperatures, but what is called a heat wave in Holland) we had a wonderful evening with sing-in and concert at the Bethelkerk in Veenendaal. Thanks to the band, sound team and of course Rick and Bertine for this unforgettable evening!

Saturday the alarm rang early again. The concert where the idea for ​​a tour started: C&MA The Netherlands (Cama Zending) exists 60 years! The first Dutch C&MA church in the Netherlands was packed, and young and old enjoyed a performance of Bernard (and the workshops and speakers of course). Thank Evalyne, Gerrie, Harold, Boudewijn and other volunteers!!

There was not much time for social talk afterwards as a podium was being built on the other side of the country. In the old church of Vriezenveen Bernard joined Trinity again in a fundraiser for a trip to Kenya. Photos are taken by our much respected colleague Ewien, who creates many of our pictures and videos:

After another short night a warm welcome in Huizen followed. Baptistengemeente Gooi had invited Bernard to sing a some songs in the service. It was a celebration in which we celebrated the love of God, and Bernard also shared his testimony. It was a nice end to an impressive tour! Photos: Murk Feitsma:

Upon my return, I started to realize more fully what a special time we have had. We are changed. Relationships are deepened, new friendships created and we were able to share of what God is doing in Senegal through music. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this tour becoming a success!! (And in particular Bertine who has done a huge amount of work behind the scenes). What a privilege to work with you to serve our God!

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