Dealing with uncertainty

“Paris-Dakar” was our long-dreamed title of the newsletter in which we would announce our date of departure. Unfortunately the future runs differently. At the end of November we received the message that the tensions around the coming elections were rising. This will only get worse in the next months. Therefore, our team has asked us to postpone our coming to Senegal. This was a hard pill to swallow for us. We were really looking forward to going to Senegal and to start working there. But for now we have to be patient.

But what will we then do? Our language study will end December 16 and we will be in The Netherlands from Christmas on as scheduled. As our departure for Senegal has been postponed until the end of March, we consider it a miracle that the Lord swiftly opened a door for us to go to Gabon for a couple of months. CAMA runs a large hospital here with several doctors. An ideal environment for Tabitha to be trained further in Tropical Medicine. Gabon is French-speaking, so Jan will have countless opportunities to practice his French in daily life while attending the children. We expect to leave early February. We hope to update you soon on our work in Gabon.

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