Corona Song with Gospel Artists

For years there was the idea and desire to work more together as gospel artists in Senegal. During this strange crisis, it was spontaneously suggested: a song with a large variety of gospel artists about the coronavirus. A catchy tune about staying at home and washing hands is alternated by a call to put our trust in the Lord of Life. The main goal is health education, but these music styles and mixed voices are a breakthrough in the Christian music movement in Senegal.

Making music together and meeting each other is an important goal of the new studio. Since the opening, it is increasingly buzzing with activity and music. It is a coming and going of musicians and even well-known Senegalese artists like to practice there. Currently it is much more quiet. The guesthouse at the studio, which normally covers 50% of the fixed costs together with the rental of the rehearsal room, is now empty. Bernard is inventive and besides the coronal song he also started a Facebook vlog with music and Biblical encouragement during this difficult period. In addition, the new and appropriate video hit “Sama Leer (my light)” is spread around through several media. There are English subtitles to the song! Listen here…


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