Close to the heart

“…in this way I hope that Christian musicians in Senegal will have platform to produce high quality recordings. Music that touches hearts, music that gives hope.” This last sentence of an impressive speech marks the beginning of a challenge that me and Bernard accepted. I only asked him to share his dream. His answer was clear, concrete and enthusiastic. Yet he concluded drearily: “if there would only be someone who wants to invest in this work…” That night I pray with Tabitha that Bernard may soon find someone to help him. At that moment a deep conviction takes hold of my heart: support him to acquire what he needs ...

The next day we have dinner at Bernard’s and I tell him the news, since then things have been moving very fast. A week later I’m sitting in a recording studio, surrounded by musicians and technicians. We hope the sale of the new album will generate money for the project. Our goal is: “Creating a Senegalese music platform, in order to share the message of Christ, and to develop Christian music in a professional and independent manner.” The Project Plan is available in French and Dutch, contact me if you want to read.

I ended up in a world of which I have no understanding what so ever, but Bernard has many contacts and knows exactly how everything works. Distribution is a problem as there is a lot of corruption and illegal copying of CDs. The cover booklet is hand folded at the printing company, and when the studio technician sees it, he finds it so hard to believe that it’s actually made in Senegal. We strive for high quality, not only in music, but also in our business. Honesty, transparency and professionalism are key words. We hope to have a positive influence on the musical culture in Senegal, and that one day justice and truth will prevail there.


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