Changes in finances

Recently the Dutch law has changed concerning the description of donations to ANBI registered organizations. It is no longer possible to label a donation with the name of persons. Therefore it is important to change the description of your bank transfer to: Senegal medical and church ministry (instead of Kieviet family). There is also a new possibility to receive a full tax refund for your donations. This is not complicated and mutually favorable. Read more here. If you have questions please contact Aart: 

Since 1 January 2014 donating in the Netherlands is even more attractive. Donations can be fully deducted from taxation through a direct agreement with the beneficiary. This is not complicated and mutually favorable. There is no 1% threshold and no 10% maximum.

The donor only needs to comply to two conditions: 1) a minimum duration of 5 years; 2) the beneficiary must have an ANBI status (and CAMA has one). To apply: fill in, sign, scan and email this form (click here) to the administrator of CAMA Mission ( He will then complete the rest of the information and sign on behalf of CAMA Zending. After this the document will be returned to you.

Perhaps this possibility gives you the opportunity to either increase your donation or to become a regular giver. If you have any questions about this new way of donating please don’t hesitate to contact

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