Budget Overview

The pie-chart below shows how our monthly costs are divided. The budget is made by CAMA in cooperation with the Senegal Team. De amount of the different posts is based on experience of people in Dakar and the many decades of experience of CAMA. The total budget per month is about 3300 euro.

Counting to 28% daily life expenses is the biggest post. These are things like clothing, food, gas/water/electricity, children stuff, furniture, telephone, internet and so on. Monthly CAMA gives us this allowance so we can spend it how the family needs it.

Schooling and childcare for Maria and Simon is about the same price in Senegal as in The Netherlands. We do, of course, not qualify for Dutch Child Care Support and thus the whole amount is for our own account.

The actual rent expenses are covered by CAMA. In Dakar this will most likely be above €500.00 euro.

When we make expenses for the projects we are involved in we can declare them at CAMA. When project will grow also the budget for them will be adjusted. In the future we will probably also have special actions to fund the projects.

In The Netherlands we will have a health care insurance. This means we can go to a good hospital in Senegal and if needed be repatriated to The Netherlands.

Emigrating is quite expensive. Consider the costs of shipping or buying things we don’t need in The Netherlands. These costs are one time only and will be off the budget when we adjust it after two years.

Furlough costs cover the airplane tickets and extra costs we make due to the travelling.

6% of our budget is for CAMA Zending. This makes it possible for them to keep supporting us.

When working in The Netherlands you automatically safe for AOW (social security after retirement). We are not able to do so, but have a special insurance with the Dutch Government. Next to that we also safe for a pension so we have some income after the age of 67.

For folders, maintenance of the website etc. we have budgeted €500.00 a year.

Want to know more? Read our FAQ about support, or contact our teasurer Aart Ketelaar:

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