An unusual week for the paediatrics consultation

p1010088Finally: the paediatrician consultation has moved to the new building! We are extremely thankful for all the donations, prayer and support in the period of construction and preparation. This new space was very much needed and even before it was equipped an decorated we started using it last week. A short impression of this unusual week:

sdw_0255Monday: in between the boxes a desk and a few chairs. Not an ideal workspace, but because we found a termite nest in our brand new cabinet we can not use it anymore. So I get my stethoscope and other supplies from the box and get started. Together with the nursing staff and two volunteers there is no time to w aste on this busy Monday. Two seriously ill childr en are sent directly to the hospital. Soon there are four mothers with their toddler installed in the ‘re-hydration corner’. The other corner is set up to do Malaria and haemoglobin tests. It seems that everything is in place, except … a fan! And a fan is surely indispensable in 45 °C (real feel), so we quickly send someone to buy one.

sdw_0249Tuesday: every Tuesday we run the nutrition program for malnourished children. Fortunately the boxes are now out of the way, because 25 mothers with children are all crowding together in the hall. We have a group discussion about healthy nutrition while children eat our special “power porridge”.

sdw_0220Wednesday: that the measles epidemic is still ongoing is proved with two new suspected cases. In order not to expose the other patients to infections we see these kids outside, in the shade of the mango tree. Meanwhile, a new intern joined the team examining a patient in her own corner. There is enough to teach her today: next to measles we are seeing malaria, anaemia, severe malnutrition and two congenital defects.

20161005_141826Thursday: Due to the extreme business we decide to run double consultation. Fortunately, we now have the space to do so! Over 50 sick children are helped and for the first time no more mothers were turned away at the door. What an improvement!

Friday: At the end of the day we reflect on the week: we’re of to a good start, but we still draw up a long list of things that are necessary for the proper functioning of the paediatrician program, such as furniture, toys, medical equipment and medicines. And not to mention a new cabinet 😀


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