An orange ribbon for the pediatric ward

img_20161130_162546“And then I call it … the Orange Room”, with these words the Dutch ambassador cuts the orange ribbon and opens the new building for the pediatric ward. What started four years ago just once a week, has now become an important pillar of care in the clinic. Thanks to the Dutch Embassy and other sponsors, the pediatric ward now has its highly needed building.

img_20161130_161550Each day 50 to 60 children under age 5 receive basic medical care at the pediatric ward. Malnutrition is early diagnosed, and treated in a separate nutritional program. Vaccinations are provided and we are alert to outbreaks, such as the recent measles outbreak that was discovered in our program.

img_20161130_162648Since the construction and the set-up of the program are completed, Tabitha focusses on supervision and training. As a team we try to create a continuous learning environment with educational sessions that are even visited by many other mission clinics. By so doing, we keep a high level of care and we can offer internships to new Christian medical personnel, who will often go and work in a mission clinic in rural areas.

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