A new beginning

We’ve heard it many times before: “in order to work properly, you need a safe haven for yourself and your children.” We are now experiencing firsthand what a peace this gives. It is good for the children, and we have enough energy to do our jobs. We had the opportunity to take over this rental house from colleagues

who returned to the States.

Thanks to the great help of Tabitha’s parents, who came over for two weeks to help, it has truly become a home. After looking for a house for several weeks – which implies roaming the streets looking for signs “à Louer” – one of our team members informed us they would return to the States this summer. It came as a surprise to the team, but this family sensed God was leading them back.

For us, this meant that their house became available. Actually a bit too big – to out opinion – but with all the work they had put in it and the acceptable price, we could not turn it down.

The house is in a quiet neighborhood in Dakar. It is just a twenty minute walk from Maria’s school and fifteen minutes by taxi to the clinic. As far as we know, all our neighbors are Senegalese. Adhering to local customs, we visited all our neighbors to introduce ourselves. We have a small shop just across the street, where we can do almost all our daily shopping. Moreover, it is good to have someone keep an eye on the house the whole day!

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    We are so happy your ‘beginning’ is with us!

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