A monkey for Jesus

Although his music can be heard on radio and TV all over Senegal, Bernard was recently called a monkey in the comments of an article on a well-known news website. Recently, when a spiritual leader fiercely attacked Christians on a television program, the media was full of reaction. Even the president saw himself reacted and emphasize how important it is that different religions can live together in Senegal. Bernard released a special song for the occasion and was a guest at several popular television stations. The fact that Bernard stands up for his faith and sometimes counters with strong reasoning when Christians are put in a bad perspective is not always well received!

It is important for Christians to make themselves heard in the media. There are many prejudices and people do not know exactly what Christians really believe. By explaining this, more understanding is created. Next month we will open the first Christian TV station in Senegal. This is a great opportunity to present the gospel in a clear way. The station is called Yakaar TV and can already be followed via the internet, cable television in Dakar, and internationally on Astv. A variety of programs are currently being worked on, such as a news item, a program on music and Bible teaching.

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